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Eimantas Jusk

EJPerformante Founder

Since I was a kid, always loved cars and motorcycles. My dad was a car mechanic and painter. I’ve started riding a moped when I was 7 years old. My grandmother taught me how to drive a car when I was 8. In my life I’ve fixed and modified multiple machines with 2 and 4 wheels. Most of them were Italians or Germans.

My passion are BMW’s, Porsche’s and Italian Ferrari’s. That’s why I’ve decided to combine everything in one. Performante is Italian word and it express who I am. My hopes are to bring joy for every Car guy and help them build their car’s better.

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ECU Cloning, Coding, Chiptuning, Key programming, Gearbox software, EGR, DPF, AdBlue systems diagnostics and repair services.

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