For coding we use the OBD2 port of your car and coding software made specifically for BMW and Mini or any other car brand which is necessary . This is done via a laptop with a wired or wireless connection.

A backup is always made beforehand.

If the modules function normally, nothing can go wrong during coding. But everything happens, we cannot be 100% sure. There is always a solution for every problem.

After the coding session, we will review all coded settings together. So that we are both 100% satisfied!

Yes, in most cases it is indeed possible to code the car remotely. Customer has to have the necessary OBD cables, but we can arrange that.

Then all you need is a Windows laptop and a stable WiFi connection.

This depends on the wishes and the car, in most cases less than one hour. If we need to order extra hardware, then the repair takes more time.

This has to do with the different module versions, software versions and available hardware of the car.

For example, it is not possible to fold the mirrors with the remote control if the car does not have electric folding mirrors. Every car is different and unique.

Yes, the list only contains the most popular options, every car is unique. We also can upgrade a car with different hardware.

A power gains are between 10% and 20% is easily achievable by using chiptuning.

If you found a tuner that deviates significantly from this standard, be alert. Nowadays it is very easy to buy cheap tuning software that is dangerous for your vehicle and can cause damage.

Make sure you always choose reputable chiptuner that uses high quality software and hardware

For turbocharged diesel engines a saving between 5 and 15% is achievable. For gasoline engines this is a bit lower and up to 5% is achievable.

Please note these figures are not guaranteed. Driving behavior impacts very much, whether you mainly drive on highways or in built-up areas, how heavily loaded the car is and etc.

The power and torque indicated by your chiptuner, is usually the safest maximum that your vehicle could handle without any damages.

If you prefer less power and/or torque there is always possibility . For custom requests, we recommend to ask your tuner.

We understand that customers vehicle is important, if something goes wrong it can be very costly. The “ready-made” tuning software can be bought for €150,- is cheap, but you have absolutely no idea about the quality of the software, which in future can cause more harm.

Low quality software can cause major damage to your vehicle engine or any other module. These files are often not tested on life environment.

The software can affect your engine management system and cause other irreversible damage to your car.

When choosing a tuner, always ask where they got their software from and if it has been tested. This way, you can be sure of a quality tuning without any danger to your vehicle.

When you go to an authorized tuner, they will always backed up your original software.

If customer want's we can reverse back to the original software without any issues.

With most tuners this is a free service. Always ask if there are any costs involved for such job.

When you take your car to the dealer if your brand for a service, they will perform standard tests to check that everything is working properly. They may also perform a software update to make sure your car is completely up to date.

With this software update, any tuning or other software modification(s), will be overwritten by original software.

Contact the company where you had your chiptuning performed and ask to upload tuned file back to your vehicle.

Anything that contains software is customizable. However, this does not mean that all modifications are suitable for every vehicle. Every engine has different options, customer first always should check out the possibilities before making an appointment. You can view all the options for your vehicle here.

Other options are:

  • EGR delete
  • DPF delete
  • Pop & Bangs
  • Start/Stop delete
  • Transmission programming
  • AdBlue system delete
  • and much more...

For more details please check "Services" column or contact us.

If you feel that your vehicle does not perform as expected after being tuned, contact your tuner. You should have full power available immediately after a chiptuning.

It is possible that there is a defective sensor or turbo pressure leak or anything else. Your tuner can check this and find a solution for your problem.

A car that has been tuned will pass the M.O.T without issues. Even if you have the EGR valve removed, this will not be a problem.

However, it is possible that the software of your vehicle is updated during the M.O.T. This will reverse your software back to original state. In such cases contact the company where you had your software modified and ask them to install it back again.

Yes and no. Software modifications are not immediately visible. A dealer cannot tell, during regular maintenance, that the software has been modified.

If you have a problem with the vehicle and need to return it to the importer or manufacturer, they can see the software modification.

It is recommended that you first revert the software to the standard one. The modified software can be loaded again after your visit to the manufacturer. With most tuners this is a free service.

Every chiptuner has their own terms and conditions. Before chiptuning your vehicle, always ask what their conditions are and what kind of service they offer AFTER it was done.

According to Dutch law, a car can have 20% more power than is registered on the license plate. Most insurers agree with this, but ALWAYS check the laws that apply to your country and the terms of your insurer.

To be sure what your insurer will cover and what the maximum extra power is that they will agree to, please contact your insurance company. We obviously do not want you to be faced with any law issues.

No, chiptuning does not affect your road taxes.