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What is Chiptuning?

In general Chip Tuning is the recalibration of the standard factory software to optimize the performance and power of your vehicle’s engine and other modules. To get the most effective results we must modify the engine’s control unit as well as the gearbox’s control unit, because they are tied together.

Manufacturers use a margin when adjusting the software for strict emissions and update software with time for particular vehicle. Manipulating ECU software (it’s called chip tuning or remapping), we can increase the engine’s efficiency which gives it more power and torque.

By adjusting the software of the car, it is possible to get a better and smoother engine work. In many cases it is not even necessary to adjust the hardware of the car.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chiptuning?


Tuning your vehicle not only gives you more power, but also more torque. With turbo engines (especially Diesel engines), torque output can be easily increased up to 20% or 30% without hardware modifications! It’s also possible to remove speed limits from the factory.

Chiptuning increases the engine’s efficiency. Due to strict emissions vehicles often perform lower originally from the factory. By properly adjusting the software, the engine can run much better, consume less fuel than before – up to 10%!

Manufacturers often adjust software instead of hardware to create different engine types. They use the same engine with different software calibrations and different power outputs. Chiptuning solution is a cheaper way to increase power. Instead of buying higher power output vehicle model.


There is a lot of misconceptions about chiptuning. The most common one is that a vehicle’s engine will wear faster after chiptuning. When the owner maintains the same driving style, engine load will remain the same and therefore there won’t be any extra wear, but the vehicle has to be properly maintained. Sometimes increased power can cause damage if there were problems with the vehicle to begin with but after chiptuning, those problems are clearly noticed. This is because increased stress to the engine or gearbox allows all those problems to come up to the surface early which is inevitable.

We always check the car’s hardware and ask questions to avoid any damage which can occur after increased power. But we cannot guarantee that this won’t happen, so we always recommend to maintain the vehicle’s engine before increasing its power and torque.

Guarantee for Tuned vehicles?

If you do not use a manufacturer OEM or dealer approved tuning software for your vehicle, you will lose (factory) warranty if vehicle has such. Non professional software and hardware can cause a lot of damage to your powertrain and other components. The warranty of the chiptuner itself is usually a guarantee on the tuning software and professional job, but nobody can see internals of your vehicle. There is no warranty for hardware that is not well maintained or rebuilt.

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