BMW Custom Coding

A factory ordered BMW is custom programmed for the customer. Many features are turned off, that’s why there is a possibility to unlock them for almost every BMW vehicle. Below is a list of what can be done. (NOT ALL VEHICLES HAVE THE NECCESARY HARDWARE TO TURN ON SPECIFIC FEATURES)

Some of the possible features:

– Automatic lock of the doors when driving away.
– Automatic closure of the sliding roof when raining.
– DVD & video files from USB stick while driving (Video in Motion).
– Rear lights on as DRL.
– Angel eyes as DRL (incl. brighten up).
– Activate US lights.
– Customized alarm tone.
– Digital speed in instrument display.
– Operate windows/roof/mirrors with remote control.
– Switch off the seatbelt alarm.
– The display of tire temperature
– Disable start/stop or activate on key memory.
– Flashing brake lights during emergency braking.
– Change language (including CIC/CCC iDrive).
– Operation of side windows not interrupted after door opening.
– Turn off headlight washers.
– Fog lights on at welcome light.
– Store start-stop settings in memory.
– Tilt the mirror backwards when reversing.
– Always switch on instrument cluster lighting.
– Change region from USA to EU (US-Import).

If you want your BMW to be custom coded, please feel free to contact us!

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