BMWTransmission Programming

  • What is Transmission programming?
  • xDrive (4 AWD) to 2WD (RWD)? Is this possible?

What is Transmission programming?

We specialize in BMW ZF brand automatic transmission software adjustment. Most BMW 6HP or 8HP automatic transmissions from the factory are programmed to drive as economically as possible, but we can unlock their potential combined with the engines increased power.

With the tuning or remapping of the gearbox software, the shifting moments (e.g. excessive upshifts and late downshifts) and many other options can be adjusted. Everything depends on the customer’s wishes.

Possible gearbox modifications:

• Faster gear under load and cruising.
• Launch control (depends on a model).
• Faster paddle shifting.
• Increased clutch limits.
• Gear Display on the dashboard.
• Modified shift times for better acceleration.
• Rev-matched downshift (Throttle-Blip). (depends on the model)
• Full Manual Mode (no forced up/down shifting) while accelerating.
• Increased line pressure for modified vehicles.
• and much more…

4 AWD to RWD? Is this possible?

Many BMWs have xDrive system (4 wheel driven vehicle) and many BMW owners want to have RWD car from time to time. For better economy and fun. It is possible to modify 4 AWD system software without any hardware changes and make your car Rear wheel driven. Your xDrive will deliver 100% of it’s power to the rear-wheels, exactly as if it has come from the factory as a RWD car. Improves efficiency in the summer and makes the car much more lively.

Possible gearbox modes:

• 100% off xDrive (Rear wheels driven).
• 100% On xDrive (Like stock car).
• xDrive Sport and xDrive Snow.

The Sport-Mode is a totally re-calibrated setup, for the sportive driver. This mode will reduce understeer and makes your BMW easy to drift.

The AWD-Sport mode (Snow mode) is optimized for low-friction conditions like Snow, Ice. It is recommended for Fun-Driving in Winter!

If you want such modification for your BMW vehicle, feel free to contact us for more information!

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