• Engine failure (Check engine light)
  • Airbag malfunction
  • Lighting malfunction

Vehicles in 1996 received the OBD2 port, since then vehicles are equipped with dozens of modules and contain hundreds of sensors. These ECUs continuously monitor all of these sensors and constantly do small corrections to maintain the vehicle in optimal working order.

Even if your car does not indicate any faults on the instrument cluster or iDrive (on BMW vehicles), there are many minor faults which are stored in different modules all over the vehicle.

This can be read for you with our software. In some cases the malfunction can be solved immediately, this will be discussed with you. It is also possible to send you a PDF file by e-mail with all error codes if requested.

Engine failure (Check engine light)?

Is your engine malfunction light on or do you feel that the car is not running as good as before?

All engine modules can be read out. Diagnostics is not only reading and deleting fault memory – it’s understanding live data that the engine shows like lambda, nox sensors, fuel, boost pressure, temperatures and much more.

Airbag malfunction?

It is not safe to continue driving with an airbag failure.

A fault can occur if you have disconnected an airbag without first disconnecting the battery or there is a part which is broken internally or externally and needs to be fixed or replaced or even coded. Sometimes clearing the fault memory is not enough.

Lighting malfunction?

Does your vehicle have issues with lights? Interior or exterior? Lights are flickering, constantly or periodically turning on/off? There is a fault on iDrive or onboard computer?

Then please contact us for diagnostics and repairs to fix your problem!

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